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Haha I love that class. XD  My teacher read a passage to us in Gothic, then translated it to English, and the class almost died of laughter when he read that line to us like that. XDD  Anywho, I HAVE A LAYOUT!  WOOOOOO!  threxhi threxhi threxhi  Because like I'm not busy enough, I had to go and try to figure out what the hell I was doing with CSS. XDDD  So it's still pretty close to the code I borrowed, but... whatever.  I made a layout, yey!

SO I got yelled at by a teacher today!  This is pretty much the first time since highschool.  Basically, this is my Most Hated Class of Doom (a.k.a. English Language for Teachers II) and I suffer through it three days a week.  But I sit in the back with another girl, and we've been bonding over discussions of her PotC RPs and fanfics and characters talking to us and all, and she draws in class but I can't draw so I get *really* bored.  The class is geared toward the teaching program, but it's required for linguistics majors like myself (which my new friend also is).  And the way this teacher is teaching it is ONLY for the teachers; I didn't like the first half of the course, but that's because it was hard and the teacher was intimidating; but he was always sure to remember that not everyone in the room was a teaching major, UNLIKE this teacher.  So my friend and I were passing notes back and forth and giggling silently and not bothering any of the students around us because we have a buffer zone of empty desks around.  But to get out of the room, we had to pass by the podium where the professor was packing up her things, and she saw us and said, "You guys are having way too much fun back there" and went on to give us this lecture about how we're distracting and she didn't know if we were listening or not and how WE wouldn't want out students to do that BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.  My friend didn't say anything, and I, as politely as possible, met her eyes as she was lecturing us and said "Yes, yes, m-hmm," so that she wouldn't think that I was just blowing her lecture off, which would just piss her off even more.  So we left, and about three feet out of the classroom we both burst into laughter.  Both of us really wanted to tell her, "But we're not going to be teachers!  But yeah, that was pretty funny.  I've always been a good student who respected my teachers, and to get yelled at in college!? XD

So as usual, I've meant to update for about a week now with random stuff like how I was driving around the city randomly and out of the corner of my eye I saw a newspaper box with what I swear was L in it, so I slammed on my brakes, squealed around the corner of the next block, and wound my way through a neighborhood until I could find it.  Sure enough, it was L staring out from the front page of a newspaper!  But there was someone behind me and I couldn't stop, so I had to go around the neighborhood again.  But I got L newspaper! XDDD  And there was something else I meant to post about, but I don't remember it. 

OH YES I DO.  Just so you all know: COFFEE SHOP BARISTAS ARE NOT PORTABLE GLASSES CLEANERS, KTHX.  I was at work sometime last week or the week before or something, and this regular who I didn't know asked if we had a rag to clean glasses with, and I was going to grab a wet rag and he could shut up and deal, but then he called me back to him, so I went back, and he leaned over the counter, grabbed my apron, and started cleaning his glasses with it.  I just kind of laughed because I was in shock, but after a moment what he was doing sank in and it was a massive WTF moment.  Please don't try it at your local coffee shop. XDD

Edit:  L newspaper picture!

Kon Kon!
Yay, got my car back! \(^o^)/  Boo, it cost $650, plus the tow. XP  But I have heat now, heat.  AMAZING!  When I went to the store tonight, I had it blasting away, even though I was too hot.  It was just so nice to have it there!

...I really have nothing else to say... share in the joy of the fixed car! XD
11th-Feb-2008 11:10 pm - Congratulations, Universe. You win.
Kon Kon!
You know, when I backed into a pole at the gas station this morning, I knew that the rest of the day was going to suck.

Me: FAIL. What else is going to go wrong?
Universe: *Whistles innocently*  *day passes by without incident*
Liz: Come pick me up from campus, please?
Me: Okay! *picks her and her roommate up*
Car: *scary popping noise of DOOM*
Me: O.O Did I run over a tin can? *stops car*
Car: *scary popping noise of DOOM continues*
Universe: HA! And you thought you were okay!  GOTCHA!
Me: T_______________T  *calls tow truck*

But maybe I can wiggle my way out of work tomorrow and Wednesday?
10th-Feb-2008 11:37 pm - PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals
Kon Kon!
So hi. XD  Work's been keeping me busy lately.  I was all stressed last semester, and I had three classes.  This semester I have five classes, and work seems to be ignoring my request for 15 hours per week and scheduling me for 20+ instead.  So far I'm managing to juggle things, but when the semester's work really starts getting heavy... we shall see.  Blah.  XD  And for the record, working until midnight and then having an 8am class sucks.  At least it's not every day, but still. x.x

I *finally* got around to printing out pictures from Japan, and I'm going to make my scrapbook at last.  We're ignoring here the fact that I haven't the foggiest idea how to scrapbook, but I've got some stuff and my pictures are all digitally fixed up and being printed with Snapfish.  I want to go to a beginning scrapbooking class, but the one this month at the place near my parents' house is on a Monday night, so that's a no go.  I guess I'll just try and hope I get better as I go along? XDD But I can see how scrapbooking can get really costly.  I buy something and then I want to go buy more, and more, and more!  At least I gravitate toward the things on sale LOL.

We've had Olympia for over a week now, and she's... interesting.  She won't come into the living room, but she really likes attention.  We're trying to teach her not to bite us when we pet her. XD  I have pictures, but they're on my camera and I'm lacking my cord, so I don't have them on my computer yet.   We shall ignore the fact that I could just stick the memory card into the little slot on my computer... XD  I guess she was REALLY close to dying, though, she wouldn't eat and they had to put her on an IV and everything.  But she finally got better and we finally got her home, so hopefully eventually she'll get used to the living room enough to come inside.

I really should go to bed, since I have to get up and drive all the way to school tomorrow and I can't just go straight to campus because I don't have any of my books for class, but I don't wanna. XD

Nekkid!Yamapi is awesome.  I firmly disagree with those who think it's a bad shoot; I actually think the shower shot with Yamapi momo and the solo shot are the most awkward ones.  The shower shot would be okay if they were allowed to get closer, but then Pi. Jr. would probably want to do bad things to the model, and that would just be bad. XD  I ordered a copy of AnAn for myself, and a lovely present will be coming at the end of the month with that and Taiyou no Namida.  Yey!  People are SO going to photoshop Ryo/Jin/anyothermale into that photoshoot, though...  But I love how many posts there were about the pics when they came out. XD

I have to write a paper tomorrow night for Shakespeare class.  Too bad I've only read half of Twelfth Night... and the paper's due Thursday.  I was supposed to do it this weekend.  Whoops.  I was too busy petting cats. XD

Happy almost Valentine's everyone.  Go hang out with friends if you don't have someone to spend it with... that's what I'm doing. XD

Ew, the cat just farted on me. D:

...So I think I ought to start putting random things in the subject line, just so I make no sense at all. Pic

Hokay.  So.  Cats. Pic  We adopted two last week, but we only got to take one home because the female, who looks a lot like Kahli, was being spayed, and then she got sick, so she's still at the shelter and I have no idea when I'll get to see her. Pic  But we took #1 home with us, and by the next day, we had pretty much settled on his name.

He is a big cat.  He was almost 16 pounds when they weighed him, and he's not really fat, just huge.  He's around five years old, and the night we adopted him we had to give him a temporary name at the vet, so we called him Pirate because of the way he meowed when he was in his box - sounded just like a pirate.Pic  He was pretty lonely at the shelter, I think.  When I went into the room where the cats were loose, he was the first to come over and demand petting, and at one point I had four cats vying for my lap and attention.Pic  He has a bald spot on the back of his neck, and the people at the pound think some sort of glue somehow got on him.  But the hair started growing back, so he should be groovy fairly soon.Pic  He's the most good-natured cat, too; nothing phases him, and when he's sitting on you and you try to get him to get off because your legs are going numb, he turns to water and flows through your hands and is back asleep.Pic  He also has a habit of flopping down on your lap, no pause, no warning, just step step BAM! 16 pounds of cat slamming down onto your lap.Pic  Silly kitty. XD  Anyway, my parents should hopefully get Olympia (as I've named her) sometime next week, so we'll see when I can get home and get some pictures.Pic

Let's see...  Um, my Tokidoki Pic addiction is raging (T_T) and I love it but hate it at the same time LOL.  A virus was found on my parents' computer, eeee! Pic  &_&  Supposedly it's quarantined,Pic but (what IS the proper way to insert emoji when you have a comma there, too? XD) I'm one of those people who's had a computer harddrive completely melt from a virus before, so finding one on this computer was not fun lol.Pic 

That's about all I have to blab on about, I think.  I'm on a mini vacation right now, got six days off in a row *cheers* since someone covered the shift I had Tuesday, so I've been sleeping and sitting on my couch a lot.  And looking at Tokidoki bags online trying to find cheap ones. XD  I still have my job, though, as far as I know so I guess we'll see.  They just stopped scheduling one girl the other week, no notice or anything, so I have no idea if my seasonal job will actually continue on or not.Pic  I want it to and don't want it to all at once; I'm lazy but I need money! lol  School starts Monday,Pic and that means busting out the books Pic again, boo!Pic

...I really need fun tags. XP  Help me think of one for work and one for cats, will you?Pic

EDIT: WOOOOAH, I went a whole post without mentioning NEWS or Johnny's!  I must be sick or something! Pic  ...JUST KIDDING, I realize I did in fact sneak in a teeny little reference to NEWS. XD

EDIT EDIT: I KNOW WHAT I WANTED TO SAY!  I was going through my room looking for anime and manga to sell because I'm poor and addicted to expensive purses, so I made a huge long list.  It's mostly shoujo, but I've got some random, relatively unknown anime too, so if you'd be interested in buying anime or English manga for nice and cheap, let me know please! :D  Or if you know any good comms here on lj I could sell things at. ^___^  If I were really desperate, I'd sell off some of my JE pics, but y'know, I'm not.  Yet.
7th-Jan-2008 09:44 pm - :(((
So I was getting ready to go buy rice from the Asian market today when my dad and I found our family's last remaining cat, Kahi, dead on the sofa in the front room. :( PicPicPic  It looked like she died in her sleep, and there wasn't sign of a struggle or anything, but I was the first to see her and my heart just sank when I realized that her eyes weren't moving, and then my dad touched her and she didn't move and we picked her up and she was all stiff.  But she wasn't sick, and she was happy last night, dashing around and playing and enjoying herself like usual.  I'm just REALLY glad that I came home last night so I could see her again and I was here with my mom.  Kahli was mostly Mom's cat, but we all loved her and even my dad cried when we buried her.Pic

We went to an animal shelter today to look at the cats (it's kind of a tradition - when a cat dies with us, which is rare, we go to the shelter that day.  That's how we got Myst, the afternoon that we put Babbitt to sleep).  Didn't get one, though there were a couple we liked.  One was a grey calico, and she was cute.  I really liked a black cat with bits of brown, but then she got really hyper and tried to eat me and then when I opened the cage she got scared and hid underneath her blanket.  There was also a white cat I liked, but it looked like it had some sort of deformity because it stood weirdly a lot of the time.  I dunno.  Anyway, we're going to another shelter or two tomorrow after Mom gets off work.  It's really weird being without ANY cats in this house.  When we got back from the shelter my dad kept looking over at the cat food thinking that Kahli would be there. Pic Two cats missing and one dead in a little over a year. :(  We're all okay, just sad and upset.  Telling Mom when she got back from work was really hard. Pic

Edit: AND I just lost an auction for a Tokidoki purse at the last minute. Pic It was such a great deal, and I lost in the last three seconds, literally! Pic Pic  Bah.
25th-Nov-2007 01:18 am - HOMG O.O
I wasn't going to finish.  I've been farther behind before, but never behind with a million other things going on in my life, so many that I saw no possibility of finishing.  But then I wrote 8500 words on Thanksgiving.  Still behind.  But still not going to finish, because too much stress and too much to do.

Then I wrote over 15,200 words today and flew past the finish line.  Well, more like crawled past the finish line with my BRAINS LEAKING OUT OF MY EARS FOR REALZ.

I have no idea how I did it. o.o  But I'm glad I did!  I would have been SO upset with myself if I had failed, you don't understand.  I would seriously have been disappointed and angry with myself for years, and I'm not kidding.  Whenever I would have gone to look back at the site or start the next year's NaNo, I would have seen that I sucked and it would not be nice.  But I managed not to suck this year, and to finish three hours after the official wordcount validation went up, no less.

I will now go back to being behind on my fandoms, dying at work, failing at school, and being one small step away from a stress breakdown.  Stress breakdowns are actually kind of fun, because after the two to three hours if hysterical crying in a corner, I sit around and do nothing but play video games for like two days straight.  That just makes the stress worse when I start working again, but... yeah.  No, I don't like stress breakdowns.  I haven't had one for a couple years, so I suppose it's time, but I don't want it. ;_;  Actually, I'm going to sleep, because I have work again tomorrow afternoon.

So yeah, sorry I've been so behind on commenting on everyone's entries and all!  Let's not even mention all the other stuff, both fandom-related and non, that I should be doing.  Moral of the story: if you need to get in contact with me, just text me, because my phone is on and with me 24/7.  Or if it's not immediate, leave me a message here and I'll get it within a couple of days.  Probably.  I usually break down and at least check the news about NEWS and JE about that often, even if I don't technically have time.  Fandoms are important! XD

Oh yeah, and work is really fun, but I'm still not fully trained and then it was like BAM! BLACK FRIDAY OF DOOOOOM and there were a million people wanting coffee and I wanted to hide.  When I got there Friday morning, the cafe had already been open for a couple of hours and random managers from the store were helping out.  To that point, I had made maybe a total of six drinks, with someone there for me to pester every step of the way.  Well, when I got in on Friday, one of the store managers handed me the drink list/ingredient thing and said, "Okay, go!" and then left me.  T_T  I only made one wrong though, and it was just not full enough but I had to do it all over because it was a caramel macchiato and it had to be layered, so I couldn't just pour more milk in or something. XP

Anyway, bed. ♥
5th-Nov-2007 02:57 pm - Ohisashiburi! XD
Woooow, it's been a while since I posted!  ...Like two weeks.  Hmm.  It seems a lot longer than that. O.O  But I have been le busy!  Busy busy busy busybusybusy. XD  So for the sake of convenience, I'll make a list of what's been going on. XD

  • There was almost, almost a crash and burn on the second day.  Like, I wrote 12 words, and I think that was just making a sentence a little bit longer XD  I seriously was having a crisis leading up to NaNo that that kicked to full-on panic attack as I was sitting at the kick-off party and had NOTHING to write about.  So I just made myself write something, anything, and got to the wordcount for the first day.  Then I sucked on the second day.  On the third day, I started with a random creation myth for my world for lack of anything else to do, and passed the first day's writing off as a dream of one of the gods. XDDD  But now things seem to be looking up!  Woo!  It's still not easily forthcoming, but it's an awful lot better than it was there at the beginning. ^___^
  • I got a job!  shirosagi and I are now mortal enemies because she works at Borders and I work at Barnes and Noble, but we still have Kizuna since we both work in the cafe. XD  Ugh, don't even get me STARTED on how much work it took to get hired there, it was a little crazy.  The lady who hired me probably got tired of me calling and dropping in all the time. XD  But yes, I had training last Friday (the training videos make me ROFL, but all four of us new hires and the other employees in the room eating lunch as we watched them totally bonded over the terribleness... though at least one employee threw down her fork and left the room because she couldn't stand the video any longer XDDD).  I have shifts on Wednesday and Thursday where I'll learn how to poke the buttons on the register... though is it in the cafe or at the cashwrap?  I don't know.  I guess that means I need to take two different shirts since the cafe dress code is different than the one for the main store. XD
  • I like having spaces between my bullets, but that means I have to start a new chart for each one...  /random
  • My car is okie dokie!  No harm done, nothing wrong.  *whew*  Good little Pi Green!  ...Should it be Pi GReeeeN now? XDDD
  • Kame in a drama as a binge-eating Picoverweight boxer who falls in love with a nun.  I'LL NEVER STOP LAUGHING AT THIS.  IT'S GOING TO BE JUST AS BAD AS YUKAN CLUB AND I CAN'T WAIT.
Um... okay, I think that's about it.  Oh, no, one more.
  • Cinderella ni Naritai ALWAYS makes me cry.  I watched it again over the weekend randomly and cried.  Then I had it on today so I could review it for my retarded Composition class blog, and I cried AGAIN.  Not as much, but still.
  • Speaking of my retarded composition class, a manuscript of the audio interviews is due on Thursday.  I'm only like halfway through editing my mom's half of the interview, and all I'm doing is getting the fuzz out, adjusting the volume, and getting out all her random pauses and "um"s and it's taking forever and it's so BORING.  I can't have music or TV on or anything while I work, because I have to hear the audio track clearly, and my mom's voice gets all tinny and nasty when I edit out the fuzz and it kind of makes me want to kick my teacher, nice or no. Pic
Okay, well I could probably blab for a while, but now I've wasted even more time and I have to leave for class momentarily.  I've been around, but haven't had all that much time to comment on people's journals and stuff, sorry!  I just need to get through the next week and then I might have a chance to, you know, do my duties for TM and Akira Shock! and stuff again. XP

PS - duoluvr or saturnskorner (or anyone else lol), I now have the Transformers soundtrackS (there are like three lol: a tribute, the actual score, and a promotional score CD) and the soundtrack to Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, so if you want them, just let me know.  Or the Stardust soundtrack.  Or the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Or PotC: At World's End.  Or Pirates remixed.  Or Mirrormask OST.  Or Hercules.  Or Goong.  Or some random Bollywood movie named Saawariya.  Yay for illegal downloading binges!  Yeah, just let me know. XD
23rd-Oct-2007 07:59 pm - Hoo boy...
Kon Kon!
So my Japanese essay due date got pushed back and I was in a great mood, on my way home from dinner with my roommate.  I'm in the middle of a sentence when something catches my eye: my engine is smoking.  Cue lots of mental swearing. XD

This comes right after my heater wouldn't work for a while, only then it randomly did.  The car apparently needed to realize that it was now fall and the vents had to start spitting out hot air instead of cold.


P.S.- To those of you in California, or with friends in family and California, my thoughts ans prayers are with you.  Stay safe!
22nd-Oct-2007 01:45 am - FreeRice
Raito Justice
I know, I know, no posts in forever and then all I'm posting is this link. But please go check it out!  Not only can you feel smart and build your vocabulary, for each word you guess, the sponsors will donate 10 grains of rice to the hungry.  It doesn't sound like much, but it adds up!  So even if it's only for a few minutes, go play and put those English skills to work!  I got up to level 42 and then failed on a bunch of words and my level dropped really fast, so if you beat me you get... um... to gloat for a while about how you're smarter AND fed more hungry people than I did? XD

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